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The Girl in Sorrow’s Field

(Rogers & Co Series Book 1)



Published Date: May 13, 2017

A man has died.

A woman has disappeared.

And the police are here to talk to your son.

When local businessman Angus de Montford is murdered, police swoop on their first suspect-an odd teenager with a secret he won’t reveal.

The Girl in Sorrow’s Field is an emotional tale of a mother’s love, as fiercely independent Cate Ferrara must allow troubled lawyer Penny Dalton to look after the best interests of her vulnerable son, Luke, who knows more than he is telling them.

And at the centre of this storm is the beautiful, fragile Eva de Montford: The Girl in Sorrow’s Field.

None of their lives will ever be the same again.

The Other Baby by Sasha Grace

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This is the story of how Rogers & Co began. See Grant Rogers at his former glory and Penny Dalton as his unsure trainee in this exclusive prequel only available here.

(A tip: this is best enjoyed after reading The Girl in Sorrow’s Field!)

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